Periodic Checks of electrical grounding systems

Il D.P.R. n. 462 del 2001 ha definito un nuovo sistema di modalità attuative per la messa in servizio, l'omologazione e la verifica degli impianti elettrici di messa a terra, dei dispositivi di protezione contro le scariche atmosferiche e degli impianti elettrici nei luoghi con pericolo di esplosione installati negli ambienti di lavoro. I datori di lavoro dovranno appellarsi a degli Organismi accreditati allo svolgimento delle verifiche periodiche degli impianti elettrici e conservare il verbale di verifica che dovrà essere esibito in caso di controlli.


All employers have a legal obligation to carry out periodic verifications every 2 or 5 years depending on the case (see below). If default occurs (delay or non-verification), criminal sanctions and/or civil penalties apply. The law aims to ensure safety in all work environments with regard to the risks deriving from the electrical system.

ECO Certificazioni was one of the first accredited bodies in Italy to be authorized to carry out periodic and extraordinary verification activities in all the areas foreseen by DPR 462/01:

  • Devices for protection from atmospheric discharge (Area 1);
  • Low-voltage grounding systems (Area 2) up to 1000V;
  • High-voltage grounding systems (Area 3) of plants supplied with voltage above 1000V;
  • Electrical systems installed in workplaces with danger of explosion (Area 4).

With its network of professionals distributed throughout Italy, ECO Certificazioni is the perfect partner to meet the needs of large and small businesses alike.

We guarantee punctuality in our verification activities, thanks to our offices located throughout the territory, as well as technical assistance and cost transparency.


Every 2 years for:

– grounding and atmospheric discharge protection systems in medical premises, in construction sites and in places at greater risk of fire (generally all those with a fire prevention certificate are also included);

– electrical systems with danger of explosion;

Every 5 years for:

– grounding and atmospheric discharge protection systems in all other environments.

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